Meeting in Manchester nearly 20 years ago, while both working in hospitality they began frequenting Sankeys Soap (as it was then).. After recruiting a couple of friends they went on to put on their own night "Jumbo Shebang " at what is now Joshua Brooks.

The fun was short lived as Simon returned to Birmingham, the pair stayed in contact for the next few years both travelling to each other’s cities' for nights out. Holidaying together became a twice yearly occurrence, first on a yearly summer Ibiza pilgrimage and later they added winter trips to Berlin. It was Berlin that possibly reignited that desire to reunite behind the decks once more. The DIY nature of the clubbing landscape especially in what was the Old East Berlin was a lightbulb moment and they found themselves thinking they still had something to offer the scene. Struggling for something to call their new venture one of their mutual friends came up with the idea of swapping around the name from the Manchester night and SHUMBO JEBANG was born!


 DJing is in Sean's blood, his father was a DJ playing Disco and 80's electronica/ Synth pop around the North West and in Wilmslow, via hospital radio, without doubt he inherited his love of music from him. An 11 year old Sean was introduced to "The Prodigy" by an older neighbour and was instantly hooked, the tempo, the samples and the energy, his love affair with electronic music began right there listening to tracks like "Poison" and " Your Love" and "Hyperspeed". As a rebellious teen Sean turned to Gangster Rap and hip hop but even then he was drawn to the more musical West Coast, G-Funk sound that had grown organically from its Disco roots, albums from Dre, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, 2pac and Bone Thugs and Harmony were firm favorites. The draw to electronica was never far away and his teen summers in Ireland partying to mainstream Trance affirmed his ambition to start DJing. After buying his first belt drive turntables shortly after his 18th birthday and carrying on the families  DJ name "Curtis" he titled himself "Sean Curtis Jnr" stealing the suffix of big American spinners of the time. His first purchases were big trance tunes such as "Yomanda - Synth and Strings" and "Binary Finary - 1999". His taste in temp changed and again being drawn backing a groovier melodic House and Techno sound. 


At a young age Longy became captivated by the news as the Acid House storm filled the headlines and illegal raves were taking place up and down the country. Too young to go himself, he sought out tape packs and began his obsession with electronic music. He quickly saved his money and bought his first set of turntables and began playing at house parties and club nights round Birmingham organised by friends before moving to Manchester in ‘99 for Uni and during his time there met Sean and the rest is history.

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